To enquire about the Mummers Festival please email Steve Rowley

Phone enquiries to:   01453 763181


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  1. Hi, I was in Bath this weekend, not aware of the first Mummer’s Unconvention 2011. As I had my camera with me I made some photographs. If you are interested, give me your e-mail address and I will send them to you. There might be some you like, and maybe even want to put on your website. Or maybe not, which is also fine of course. I really enjoyed seeing you all performing. Kind regards, Pam Piekema

  2. Hi guys,

    From a punters perspective the Unconvention seemed a great success. I loved the colourful chaos that you brought to the town on Saturday. My kids were a bit perturbed by the skeletal horse but throughly enjoyed the quack doctor who made farting noises.

    Would it be possible to do a short email interview with one of the Unconvention organisers for the Company of the Green Man winter newsletter? I’ve forwarded you our website address so that you can check us out. If you are ameniable please email me back and I’ll forward you a few questions.

    Many thanks


  3. Eek Should have been there but mi mummers suit was at dry cleaning & they washed all the leaves off! However this Solstice I’m going to use holly & misletoe & have it dry cleaned first in order that I might get to Bath in time for next year.
    Good luck & keep those feathers trimmed.

  4. hello, just sorting out the new diary and realise we don’t have a date for the unconvention 2013 – have you? i represent chiddingly mummers and we might be interested in performing – any comment on that?


  5. Thank you for your interest. We would love to see the Chiddingly Mummers.

    We have not yet nailed down the date of the next Mummers Festival. Watch this Space.

  6. Four of our side attended the 2012 unconvention as observers and we would like to bring the whole side along in 2013 and perform in the streets of Bath. Do you have a date for the 2013 event yet?

  7. Hello Mark
    I remember meeting you at the Friends Meeting House. We are still in the process of sorting out the plan for 2013. Watch this space.



  8. Prize old mummers are keen to attend the 2013 event but there are very few details on the web site yet relating to what is happening and on which days. We do not yet know whether to stay overnight or make it a day trip. Are there any details of programme / schedule yet.

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