The festival welcomes Guisers, Hoodeners, Swordplayers, Soulers, Sword-players, wassailers and Mummers of all kinds, traditional or contemporary, to perform in the International Mummers Festival.

Drama forms pertaining to historical mummers are especially encouraged.

This year we are delighted to open our doors to beasts of all kinds:  hobby horses, giants, dragons, etc.

Room, room we make room for some border morris teams.

If you can combine any of the above – C17th mumming with a hobby horse and a morris dance – our joy will be complete!

This is a festival created by Mummers for Mummers.

If all you would like to perform at the next festival then please register your act/group.

The only charge is for Mid-winter Revels tickets (mummers/morris rate £8)

To Register either download Group Registration Form   DOC

Or use the online group registration form

Or email Mummers Enquiries